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Mitchelstown Caves

Mitchelstown Caves

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World famous caves in County Tipperary

Visitor, groups and school outings are shown through half a mile of this world famous cave.

Mitchelstown Cave was discovered in 1833 by Michael Condon who was quarrying limestone when he accidentally dropped his crowbar into a crevice. He stooped down to pull out a few boulders to retrieve the bar, next minute he found himself looking down into a vast series of underground chambers, passages and caverns.

After the discovery news of the find quickly spread with large numbers of curious sightseers coming to visit the natural wonder. In order to preserve the caves natural state, guided tours were organised. Tours were initially conducted through the network of passageways by candlelight. This might sound terribly romantic and adventurous, but it was hardly for the faint hearted.
In the early 1960’s the decision was taken to develop the cave in order to make access easier. Electricity and footpaths were installed and completed by 1972, making it the first show cave in Ireland developed for the public.

Mitchelstown Cave is one of the largest and most complex cave systems in Ireland. On the guided tour you will follow ancient passageways and visit massive caverns in which you are surrounded by indescribable dripstone formations, stalactites, stalagmites and huge calcite columns.
Mitchelstown Cave has also been the scene of many concerts. Your guide will tell you about various events down through the years that have been held in this awe inspiring cave.

Words themselves could never do full justice to the Mitchelstown Cave. It has to be seen at leisure, so that its timeless masterpieces become vividly imprinted on one’s memory.

Opening hours

February to April: 10am to 4pm (open 7 days a week).
May to August: 10am to 4.45pm (open 7 days a week).
September, October: 10am to 4.30pm(open 7 a week).
November: 10am to 4pm (open 7 days a week)
December, January: 10am to 4pm open weekends only) (closed 24th, 25th December).
Christmas Holidays: 10am to 4pm (open 26th December to 8th January).
Open Bank Holidays.

Entrance fees

Adult: €9
Child: (up to 12 years old) €3.50
Family: 2 adults up to 2 children (up to 12 years old) €20
Minimum 2 adults for a tour.
School tour and coach tour rates available.

Telephone: +353 (0)52 74 67 246
Email: visit@mitchelstowncave.com
Website: www.mitchelstowncave.com

Stalagmite in Mitchelstown Caves

Stalagmite in Mitchelstown Caves

Mitchelstown Caves in County Tipperary

Mitchelstown Caves in County Tipperary

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Mitchelstown Caves

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