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Bamboo Park

Glengarriff Bamboo Park

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An famous garden of exotic palms and tropical plants in County Cork

Glengarriff Bamboo Park

Created in 1999 by Serge de Thibault and his wife Claudine, Glengarriff Bamboo Park is an oasis full of bamboo, tree-ferns, palms, Hydrangeas and Fuchias.

Visitors can enjoy view of Glengarriff harbour as they take the walks through the park. Visitors can also access a private beach with views of Garnish Island and one of the resident seals.
Enjoy a family picnic within the park and enjoy a coffee and a cake in the restaurant.

Discover also 13 ancient stone pillars, whose dates and significance are completely unknown.

Bamboo Park in Glengarriff

Bamboo Park in Glengarriff

Bamboo Park

Bamboo Park

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