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Old Head of Kinsale lighthouse

Old Head of Kinsale lighthouse

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On the Wild Atlantic Way near Kinsdale is the black and white stripped Old Head of Kinsale lighthouse

Old Head of Kinsale lighthouse

Set beside the 18 hole Kinsale golf course, Old Head of Kinsale lighthouse is situated 3 kms out into the Atlantic on the headland on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Tourists today can visit the 200 year old lighthouse and discover the story of the famous sinking of the Lusitania just off the coast in 1915.

The Old Head of Kinsale lighthouse has gone through many changes since its creation in 1665. It began life as a coal fire atop a cottage designed by Sir Robert Reading. It was then replaced by a 6 foot diameter lantern powered by oil lamps and reflectors.

In 1814 a new 12 meter high lighthouse tower was constructed. Its fixed white light stood 89 meters above sea level and was visible from 23 miles away. Due to fog and low cloud blocking the lights view, a new lighthouse was constructed nearby and completed in 1853. The old original 12 meter tower was then demolished.

Three cannon were installed in 1893 to warn boats and ships against fog. In 1907 a new lantern system based upon a paraffin burner and rotating optics was installed. The lamp flashed twice every 10 seconds.

At that time the lighthouse tower was white and red stripped in appearance. In 1930 the tower was repainted to appear as black with two white bands as it continues to appear to this day.

In 1972 the lighthouse's lamp with converted to electric and a standby generator was installed.
The Kinsale lighthouse became fully automated in 1987 with a standby generator.

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