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Clare Island lighthouse

Clare Island lighthouse

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Between 1806 and 1965 it shone its light. Today being completely decommissioned, the lighthouse its available for rental as a holiday accommodation

Clare Island lighthouse

Situated on the North tip of Clare island, Clare Island lighthouse began its service in 1806 ceasing all operations on the 29th September 1965.

In 1818 a new tower was constructed following a fire caused by wicks of candles catching on fire.

The lighthouse light once flashed every 5 seconds visible at up to a 23 miles away.

Today being completely decommissioned, the lighthouse its available for rental as a holiday accommodation.

Visitors to the island can take a guided tour of Clare Island lighthouse and view the ruins of Grace O'Malley's castle, home to the legendary pirate that once owned the island and on the Southern side of Clare Island near the harbour, an ancient Cistercian Abbey called Saint Brigid's can be found.

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