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Tearaght Island lighthouse

Tearaght Island lighthouse

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The most Westerly lighthouse in Europe stands 12 kms off the Kerry coast of Ireland on Tearaght Island (Inishtearaght)

Tearaght Island lighthouse

Tearaght Island also known as Inishtearaght has been home to Tearaght Island lighthouse since 1st May 1870. Its tower stands 17 meters high and its lamp is 84 meters above sea level. Its lamp has a range of 19 miles.

Unlike Skellig Michael in the Blasket Islands, Tearaght Island is not accessible for visiting tourists. Its two peaks stand 106 meter and 200 meters high. The only way to gain access to the island today is by helicopter.

The lighthouse tower is situated beside a selection of buildings, outbuildings and the original lighthouse keepers living accommodation set on the slopes of the Southern and Western edge of the island.

In 1988 the lighthouse became fully automated. Today the lighthouse is uninhabited and receives a regular visits via helicopter to confirm the correct workings of the lamp, generator and solar panels.

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