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Poolbeg lighthouse

Poolbeg lighthouse

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An iconic red coloured lighthouse that stands on the East coast of Ireland at the end of the 4 km long Great South Wall

Poolbeg lighthouse

The original Poolbeg Lighthouse in Dublin Bay was built in 1768 and initially operated on candlepower. It was changed to oil in 1786.

It 1820 Poolbeg lighthouse was re-designed and re-built to stand 20 meters high in its present form today.

The Great South Wall leads out to the Poolbeg Lighthouse in Dublin Bay.

The 4 km walk along the wall takes you to the base of the lighthouse. Views of Dun Laoghaire, and Killiney head as well as the mountains in the background can be enjoyed on a clear day. You may even see the rising of the Eastlink bridge in Dublin port.

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