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Blacksod lighthouse

Blacksod Point lighthouse

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Standing proudly at the mouth of Blacksod Bay, Blacksod Point lighthouse has played a big part in history of World War II

Blacksod Point lighthouse

Built in 1864, Blacksod Point lighthouse is situated on the Mullet Peninsula in County Mayo and was constructed from unpainted blocks of granite.

A weather forecast broadcast from Blacksod Point lighthouse by its lighthouse keeper, Ted Sweeney on the 3rd June 1944 was to change the course of World War II. He sent a message by mistake to General Dwight Eisenhower of a force 6 gale that was to ultimately delay the D-Day landings from the planned 5th June to the 6th June 1944.

The tower has 43 steps that lead to the top where the lantern is housed. Its square lighthouse structure design is one of only two in the world.

A sea storm in 1989 broke through and destroyed a 4 meter high wall and flooded the main lighthouse keeper's house.

Since 31st May 1967, Blacksod Point lighthouse's 12 meter high tower situated on the Wild Atlantic Way has been fully automated with its white light visible 12 miles away and its red light visible 9 miles away. An electric diesel generate operates during power cuts.

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