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Skelligs Lighthouse on Great Skellig island

Skelligs lighthouse

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The remote Great Skelligs island is home to Skelligs lighthouse first opened in 1826.

Skelligs lighthouse

Construction of the lighthouse on Great Skelligs began in 1821. The island is located 8 miles from the mainland of Ireland. It was not for another 5 years before works were completed that the lighthouse was up and running.

2 lamps were installed in Skelligs lighthouse, 1 at 121 meters above sea level and a lower lamp positioned at 53 meters above sea level with its lamp visible up to 18 miles away.
In 1870 the upper lamp was no longer used as a new lighthouse built on Inishtearaght was constructed, a westerly island of the Blaskets.

The lighthouse keepers and their families who worked on Skelligs lighthouse and the lighthouse on Inishtearaght were housed in 8 buildings, built in Kingstown on Valentica Island.

Between 1919 and 1948 a manual fog signal system was installed in Skelligs lighthouse. On 22nd April 1987 Skelligs lighthouse with its new generator and 1kw metal-arc lamps for the optics became fully automated, 161 years after it first began operating.

Skelligs lighthouse and the 6th century monastery on Skellig Michael is a famous tourist destination on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Visitors wanting to see Skelligs lighthouse on Great Skelligs can take small ferries that depart from Portmagee, Valentia, Renard Point, Baile an Sceilg and Doire Fhionain to Great Skellig between April and mid to late September.

Great Skellig island

Great Skellig island

Skelligs Lighthouse

Skelligs Lighthouse

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