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Galley Head Lighthouse in County Cork, Ireland

Galley Head lighthouse

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A 53 metre high white lighthouse in County Cork with a beam viewable 30km away

Galley Head lighthouse

In 1875 Galley Head lighthouse was built and at that time was the world's most powerful lighthouse. Its white tower stretches 21 metres high. Conversion to electrical power happened in 1969 and became fully automated in 1979.

On a clear day the original lamp in the Galley Head lighthouse could be seen for up to 30 kms. The lighthouse stands 53 metres above the waves of the Atlantic ocean.

Galley Head lighthouse along with the Old Head of Kinsale lighthouse and the Fastnet Lighthouse play a major part in protecting boat and ships on the Southern coast of Ireland.

Galley Head lighthouse is a must see when visiting County Cork.

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Galley Head lighthouse - pure Ireland

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