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Blackhead Lighthouse near Whithead in County Antrim, Ireland

Blackhead lighthouse

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Blackhead lighthouse since 1902 has played an important role in protected the Eastern coastline of Northern Ireland

Blackhead lighthouse

In 1902, Blackhead lighthousesituated near Whithead in County Antrim on the causeway coastal route, set up on a cliff, began its role in shining and protecting the Eastern coastline of Northern Ireland.

The world famous 'Titanic' on its maiden voyage, was guided by Blackhead lighthouse lamp as it sailed by.

Blackhead lighthouse keepers
Up until 1975, lighthouse keepers lived within Blackhead lighthouse, managing its day to day running.

Lighthouse safety features
A number of lighthouse safety features included a signal that would sound during foggy conditions to warn approaching boats and ships and a whistle system that would sound to wake up the lighthouse keeper when a new watch was due to began. In 1965, the lamp was converted to operate on electric power.

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