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Ballycotton lighthouse in East Cork

Ballycotton lighthouse

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A rare black coloured lighthouse with a red balcony that protects the East Cork coastline of Ireland

Ballycotton lighthouse

Situated on Ballycotton island in East Cork, Ballycotton lighthouse is unique as being only one of two 'black coloured lighthouses' in Ireland. Visitors can reach Ballycotton island only by boat.

Lighthouse construction
Following a shipwreck in 1847 of a steamship in thick fog on an Atlantic crossing was the reason for the construction of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse lamp
The lighthouse lamp is reached by ascending its original steel staircase that was first lit in 1851. In 1975 the lamp was converted to run on electric and then in 1992 its operation became fully automated. Until recently an electrical cable ran across the sea floor from the Irish mainland at Ballycotton pier.

The lighthouse keeper
The lighthouse keepers family lived on Ballycotton island up until 1896 with the children of the families taking rowing boats back to the mainland to get to school.

Ballycotton in East Cork, Ireland
On the mainland, the beach at Ballycotton is a great location for nature lovers to spot peregrine falcons, seals and dolphins.

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Ballycotton lighthouse

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