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Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle

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Ashford Castle, five stars hotel, Connemara County Mayo in Ireland

Located in Cong where the famous film 'The Quiet Man' with John Wayne was produced. It borders the Lough Corrib on which it is possible to make cruises: you will have then a superb point of view on the property.

Within a park of 140 hectares, it offers 83 high-end rooms and a cottage, restaurants, spa, cinema, golf and tennis.

Ashford Castle has received numerous awards:

No.1 resort and inn in Great Britain and Ireland in the world's best awards 2016
A poll published by Condé Nast Publications, cited as one of the best hotel residences in Europe 2015, it was elected 'Best of the Best' by Virtuoso

Its history goes back to 1228 date of its construction: it belonged to the Burke Family then it was conquered by Sir Bingham which fortified the building. In 1715, it became the property of the Browne who made 'the Domain of Ashford' and enlarged the castle.

In 1852, Benjamin Guinness bought it, modernized it, expanded it again and expanded the park. His son succeeded him, and sold it to his nephew thereafter. In 1939 he returned to Mr Huggard who transformed it into this luxury hotel.

In 1970 John Mulcahy bought it. He restored it again, doubled its size because it was probably too small, and developed activities like golf. In 1985 investors bought the estate to resell it later for the modest sum of 50,000 million euros.
In 2013 the Tollman family bought it and joined the 'Red Carnation Collection' which started a vast renovation project.

Ashford Castle has welcomed and still welcomes many prestigious guests, Kings and Princes, famous actors and recognized sportsmen, and obviously great fortunes.

It is not possible to visit the castle itself unless you spend the night. The budget will then be substantial for a simple visit.
More affordable the visit of the park: the entrance is paying but attention you will not have access to the gardens of the castle and its lake, only to the park, which will occupy you already a whole afternoon.

An equestrian center allows you to go for a ride in the park, the rate is at the level of the nights in the establishment, but you will have made a ride of a King.

After you have blossomed in this dream setting, visit the Cong village. You will find the natural scenery of John Wayne's film and if you still have some energy go visit the Royal Abbey and the Monk's Fishing House.

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Ashford Castle

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