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Salthill, Co Galway Ireland

Salthill, the beach promenade of Galway

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Salthill, seaside promenade, Galway, Aquarium Atlantaquaria

Salthill, or "the prom" as Galwaygians says, was the place of a big air shows "the Salthill Air Show", it was free, it was big, it was nice and it was canceled in 2007.

Salthill remains famous in the area for its "Blackrock Diving Tower" which is flooded in high tide and offer an impressive jump board in low tide. We saw divers in rough and cold water as they were swimming in Mediterranean quiet sea. Irish are Irish!

A the origine Salthill was an agricultural land with a small village where fishermen lived. But in 1839 a violent storm destroyed this peaceful hamlet and it was in 1860 that he came to live again with the construction of Eglington Hotel.

In the same period a tramway track was done from Eyre square in Galway to Salthill which developed a lot the area.

A named Barton developed summer lodges all along the cost to rent them and add a further development to Salthill.

Situated on the Northern shore of Galway Bay, Salthill offer a 2km-long seaside promenade : in Irish ’Bóthar na Trá’, literally means ‘the road by the sea

Now Salthill is an important touristic place offering golf, various amenities for tourists and sports addicts and of course pubs and restaurant.

Tourists particularly loves having lunch looking to the sea and admiring the sunset.

Salthill hosts also the The Galway Atlantaquaria, the national aquarium or Ireland. It offers a vivid spectacle of marine landscape. It presents various aquatic species and families can feed some of them. Native sharks, giant crabs, seahorse etc will distracts your beloved children.

A restaurant is opened inside but you won’t be allowed to eat the fish in the aquarium.

If you are keen on fish food, Salthill offer numerous fish and chips restaurant...

Aquarium of Salthill, Co. Galway

Aquarium of Salthill, Co. Galway

Salthill bar and restaurants

Salthill bar and restaurants

Salthill, rescue center

Salthill, rescue center

Salthill, Co Galway Ireland

Salthill, Co Galway Ireland

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Salthill, the beach promenade of Galway - pure Ireland

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