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Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

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Aasleagh Falls and Killary Fjord

At North of Connemara, the breathtaking waterfall Aasleagh Falls flows from the River Erriff over the Killary Fjord into the sea.
It is at the mouth of this fjord that both the waterfalls and the small fishing village of Leenane, guardian of the place, are located, offering visitors a pub and a hotel surrounded by a few houses.

The access to the water falls is easy. You won’t have a long walk but it is better to adopt rubber boots or hiking shoes; its slippy and wet. Do not hesitate to climb over the falls, a small path is planned and the view are worth it.

If you took the time to come here, it is best to plan a picnic on site to enjoy the sound of water, then have a beer in the pub. The driver can order a huge hot chocolate, the Irish do so well.

The Aasleagh Falls is also the discovery of Killary Fjord: 14km long framed by cliffs that rise up to 800 metres. Whether you drive or choose for a cruise, you will spend your journey saying "it's beautiful".

If you picked a 4 leaf clover, you are lucky and you will see the dolphins that sometimes sail in the fjord. Otherwise you will see salmon and mussels.

The other solution is to put on your boots and walk the Killary Walk for half a day. If you like hiking with beautiful views you will not regret it.

Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

Aasleagh Falls

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Aasleagh Falls and the Killary Fjord in the north of Connemara

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