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Pure Ireland holiday cottages and homes

County Donegal, Ireland

Advertise with Pure Ireland, the specialists for holiday rental homes in Ireland

Unlock the potential revenue of your Irish property...

We are a team of friendly and experienced professionals who will be delighted to come and visit you at your property to offer advice and peace of mind throughout the process of advertising your holiday home in Ireland for rental.

So why work with us...?

No annual or monthly fees

We work on a commission only basis - 'no client, no fee'. There is no complicated pricing structure, just a standard competitive commission rate of 10% + VAT on each booking. With Irish VAT at 23%, the total commission charge is therefore 12.3%

Years of experience

We have focussed exclusively on property for the past 16 years. We have in-depth knowledge of the property rentals market in Ireland, and have built a hugely successful business with tried and tested processes which work for owner and customer alike.

Free professional photography

We send one of our professional photographers to your property to photograph inside and out. This ensures that your holiday rental property is presented at its best on the Pure Ireland website and has the wow factor.

Excellent Google rankings

We manage our Irish holiday rental website and systems in-house, and work constantly to keep up with the latest technology and SEO requirements. As a result we have developed and maintained excellent Google rankings and are able to compete with the larger players without compromising our identity or focus on quality.


We do not believe in forcing our owners to list with us exclusively, you are free to advertise elsewhere and see what works best for you. We hope you will join the many owners who think that we are the best Irish holiday rental partners offering great results at excellent value.

Dedicated reservations team

Our friendly and efficient team are available 7 days a week meaning that all enquiries are dealt with promptly to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition.

No hassle

We deal with the customer from initial enquiry to final payment and deliver them to your door with the minimum of fuss. We also offer secure online card payments and bank transfer facilities and handle all of the finances on your behalf.

We deliver!

Every year we send over 13,000 happy holiday-makers to holiday rental properties, like yours in Ireland. If you are interested in advertising your Irish holiday home with us, please get in touch.

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